Other Activities


2017 3rd International Conference in Philosophy of Quantum Gravity, June 27 – 30 (with C. Wüthrich and N. Huggett), Geneva.

2016 Discussion Group in Metaphysics of Quantum Gravity, International Summer Institute in Philosophy of Physics on the Philosophy of Quantum Gravity, Williams Bay (USA), June 19 – 24.

2014 – 2010 Coordinator of the research group LAGON (Language and Ontology), Rennes 1.

2013  Mereology, between Ontology and Logic, (with P. Joray, Rennes 1).

2013  Workshop Young Researchers on Philosophy of Science, May, (with F. Drapeau Contim and Y. Tonnerre, Rennes 1).



Referee for Axiomathes, Dialectica, Erkenntnis, Lato Sensu, Organon F, Philosophical Papers, The Philosophical Quaterly, Praxis, and Scopus.

Presently: Editor of the ‘Objects and Properties’ and ‘Bundle Theories’ sections in Metaphysics on Philpapers.

Editor for the Information System on Philosophy of Science (SIPS).

2016 – 2015  Editor of the section ‘Metaphysics’ on the Encyclopédie Philosophique.



2017 Prize competition for essays on Space and Time After Quantum Gravity. All information here.

2014 Webmaster, department of philosophy, University of Geneva (2014, fall).